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Tuesday, March 29, 2011: 

“Thursday, I head downtown again and meet Aj and Erika for some shows. It was real cool walking downtown Austin by myself and randomly running into so many familiar faces-be it-friends or musicians. I also used my sisters old ID for the first time and it worked ha.. We all split shortly after this packed ass show and chilling at some bar.. I went with Aj and headed back to the Illmore house. (The Illmore House– Illroots and Scoremore rented out this fancy Mansion for all of SXSW which was basically a 24/7 party with very important people in the midst of other musicians and rappers) From the illmore house, we headed downtown that night… by now I’m with Brill, Shay, and Saundra… by now, I’ve also started smoking… but anyways We all meet Polyester later on that night and he invites us back to the #LALOFT which was their Loft space for West coast parties nightly. ALL of the West Coast was in and out that bitch and it was real cool seeing these niggas just being themselves … I got to smoke one with Dom too, that was cool. Polyester walked us back to our car and that’s Thursday.”

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Photo Fun with Nichole and Jayde


Little creative exercise with Jayde and Nichole a few weeks ago. Upon moving out, Nichole had a few of us over brews and wreck shop. She pretty much curated a corner of her apartment for a couple of looks she had in mind. It was all for fun and it was, for sure. There was an actual photoshoot arrange with other friends (a few here), but we still got to practice a bit between each other. I’ll take all the practice I can get–my preference is conceptual work, but I have a hard time executing it. Any who, Nichole did a great job styling and Jayde did a great job being Jayde. I only really cared for a few pictures; I chose these:

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We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

jayde Denton-14

Or so they say. I have nothing to show here except a few photos from a visit Jayde made a few months ago. Her outfit kind of reminisced a 70’s feel to it–figured it’d pair well with Beth Marie’s Ice Cream Parlor and then some, so we gave it a go. Photographing your best friend as she doubles as your muse is convenient.  Continue Reading


Stirred Somethings: Nichole Fallis


Let’s talk about the formula of Art: Adding perception and exertion together and finding an end result–however the feels, however the form. The best when it’s organic and signature to someone’s style. The worse when it’s mimicked and lacks originality. Art is everyone’s opportunity at individualistic expression; its how you interrupt an experience with yourself. Sometime’s dramatically driven with emotion and paint splatter. Other times when curiosity meets a plastic tub of acrylics and food ingredients.

I say all this to introduce Nichole and her pastime creations that I’m growing quite fond of. Continue Reading


Travi$ Scott live at Summer Fest



New old post from Summer Fest 2015 at Gas Monkey Live back in August. I actually finessed a press pass on some con artist shit for this show; used a little wordplay and good-timing… Really great ’cause I ended up right under the nose of these guys. Travis Scott, Chief Keef, Maxo– amongst others headlined it. I low-key stashed myself in the greenroom until Travis went on.  I’m a huge fan of his; his live performance is my favorite (I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t to check him out). He came, he conquered. I took a bunch of videos and photos and eventually got cleared out by security. See what I got before that happened, and don’t forget to watch the video of Mr. Scott transform an unsuspecting security guard into a bitch.

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Cool Story, Bro. Tell it Again.


My last post chronicled a few of the responses I’ve gotten from strangers in the countries of the Eastern hemisphere I’ve visited. I shared the post. Surprising to me, my post was met with a bit of disdain here and there. I awkwardly retreated as I usually do.

Amongst the responses I did read, I was given the impression that I should be grateful for my international experiences (which I am), that I should want people who don’t know me to be interested enough in me to talk to me (which I do), and that I should reconsider the name of this website (which I won’t). All of the responses were valid opinions and experiences, besides the latter of course.

Admittedly, I find difficulty in taking harsh (or any) judgement. Within minutes, I added some extra text to the post to avoid any further misunderstandings. Still, I struggled to find ways to properly explain that I am not generally annoyed by strangers or anyone who is  un-American.

Every once in while we find ourselves letting words that would elicit a punch in the face in America slide right off our back whilst traveling. 

I thought of telling them, “What?! I love foreigners! I have foreign friends.” I was immediately reminded that my foreign friend, like an accused racist’s black friend or an accused homophobe’s gay friend would not suffice. Sorry, international friends, our friendship is neither a testament to my objectivity, nor is it a proper defense tactic in defending myself. I can only see the world through my own lens. We all have lenses. Mine is that of a 24 year-old woman, two years out of college and two years overseas. While I never aim to offend anybody, I’d like to be as candid as possible.

My post centered around people attempting to gain common ground with me overseas through rap, America, and sneaker references. It is quite annoying. I can’t think of a better word to describe this. Annoying is what it is. Annoying like asking a light-skinned black girl, “What are you mixed with?” Annoying like strangers in New York assuming you want to buy their terrible weed. Annoying like an ongoing defense of your political beliefs or religion or culture. Not ground-breaking, but annoying. While some people get joy out of answering these questions, others don’t. I am one of those others.

I begin and end random conversation overseas as I do with while at home: with grins, hellos, so longs, and an open mind. What these conversations consist of sometimes bore or trouble me. Every once in while we find ourselves letting words that would elicit a punch in the face in America slide right off our back whilst traveling. We attribute the difference in communication to an ignorance of culture from and towards both parties in the conversation. Continue Reading


Tulum, Mexico: Day Trip Part 2

Tulum Mexico 1-5

Part 2 in Tulum; my last night in Mexico. Continuing from the previous post, we left to unsuccessfully visit the Ancient Mayan Ruins–got there a little too late and made a big’ol U-Turn in the parking lot. Back to the beach. We went to eat at a wonderful spot right off the shore. It just so happened to be the onset location for American Eagle’s look book shoot, so that made dinner a bit cooler. Prolonged wandering and trailing up and down the beach. We walked until we ended up a patio bar where we kind of just deflated for an hour. Continue Reading


Tulum, Mexico: Day Trip Part 1

Tulum Mexico 1

We are now nearing the end of my trip. I was the last person in our group to leave (the following day) so on this morning, in the midst of goodbyes, I walked around soaking in the last bit of appreciation from our spot. The same time Saundra and Zeejay’s cab came to take them to the airport, mine came to take me to Tulum. As I mentioned, it just so happened that our Mexico trip overlapped with another group of friends–ones I see regularly in Dallas. Theirs was just getting started, so lucky for me I got to continue my vacation with them. Tulum is a super nice/more hipstery/touristy city about an hour and half from Cancun. We made the most of our journey there making new dance moves and reenactments of Destiny’s Child, all inspired by a water bottle of vodka. Most appropriately, we wandered about taking pictures and stopping to try on everything-especially if who sold it had wifi. We left to relocate around 4pm, which continues on in part 2.  Continue Reading


Quintana Roo, Mexico: Jungle and Cenote Excursion


The fellas we met the night before mentioned an action-packed excursion they did and suggested we do the same. The next morning, after another slow start, we kicked shit into 6th gear trying to make our 1 o’clock meet up. Despite being rushed between airport drop-offs and jungle detours, everything went pretty smoothly. By the end of it, we scratched off four-wheeling through muddy/rocky ass terrain (which was actually quite difficult), zip-lining through the trees, and cliff-jumping into the same pristine groundwater pools the Mayans revered. Continue Reading


Cancun, Mexico: Beach and Drinks


Just as it appears, another beautiful day in Mexico waved in by palm trees. Our days always started relatively early, but slow–mutually agreed because who wouldn’t want to wander around half-dressed and daydream in a hammock by the water. By midday we made it to the actual beach walking distance away. Continue Reading