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Quintana Roo, Mexico: Jungle and Cenote Excursion


The fellas we met the night before mentioned an action-packed excursion they did and suggested we do the same. The next morning, after another slow start, we kicked shit into 6th gear trying to make our 1 o’clock meet up. Despite being rushed between airport drop-offs and jungle detours, everything went pretty smoothly. By the end of it, we scratched off four-wheeling through muddy/rocky ass terrain (which was actually quite difficult), zip-lining through the trees, and cliff-jumping into the same pristine groundwater pools the Mayans revered. Continue Reading


Cancun, Mexico: Beach and Drinks


Just as it appears, another beautiful day in Mexico waved in by palm trees. Our days always started relatively early, but slow–mutually agreed because who wouldn’t want to wander around half-dressed and daydream in a hammock by the water. By midday we made it to the actual beach walking distance away. Continue Reading


Cancun, Mexico: Saundra’s Birthday


Sometime in the middle of December, Saundra mentioned this Cancun trip to me. It had been in the works for awhile, but her and I took a great deal of time before getting back to talking on a regular basis. I didn’t expect to go, but I didn’t immediately rule it out either. Come January, I figured I force every single other trip I take so I might as well force this one too. Tricky-Tricky ’cause this is right after the holidays (zero funds), rent is due, I haven’t bought any flights, and I don’t even have a fucking passport. Leave it to Beaver. I’m still thoroughly impressed with myself. I worked doubles for a week and a half and paid for everything out of order. I got my passport expedited and received it the day before I left. The following evening I flew into Mexico (January 14th) and met up with the rest of the girlies who got there a few hours before… Thus beginning: Saundra’s birthday weekend in Mexico.  Continue Reading


The Weather Outside is Frightful


Lately, the weather here has been pretty cold. Like -33ºF.  As scenic as the area and snow are, we haven’t gotten many opportunities to use the new camera outside due to the imminent threat of frostbite and the Abominable Snowman. We’ve learned to find solace in the (extreme) warmth of our apartment. Still, some days I leave the house and some days it’s just not worth it. Sometimes, we even get a good photo out of it.

(Maje coat, Nasty Gal blouse, Madewell jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots)


(Mango jacket, A.P.C. shirt, Zara trousers, Rick Owens sneakers, Alexander Wang bag)


(Alexander Wang x H&M top)


First World Problems

1-IMG_0135 copy

I’ve done a bit of traveling in my life. I’ve lived in two countries, eight US states, and countless cities. My parents hail from different regions – one from upstate New York and the other from the capital of Kansas. My father was in the Army and my mother’s job involves traveling for months at a time, sometimes even relocating. My two brothers were in the National Guard and Army at some point in their 20’s. Seven years ago, I moved 1,300 miles away from home for college, making this the first time I was a nomad by choice.

These days, I go back and forth overseas to visit my boyfriend, who now works in Siberian Russia. As privileged as I am to have seen so much of the states and, now, parts of Europe, it’s important to me to understand the harsh realities of the world around me. Considering that, just in September, the lifeless bodies of Syrian refugee children were found washed up on the shores of a Turkish beach with no consideration – instead condemnation – from neighboring countries, it has become harder for me to complain about cold showers. Upon witnessing coverage of the tragic 2015 deaths of Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and Walter Scott (to name a few) in the US, I’d dare to say my struggle to find a seat on the E train is the least of my worries. Continue Reading


Denton on a Sunday


Fell into a quality house show in Denton last week and heard some super sweet acts that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. The house/venue–more popularly known as the Lion’s Den has a very reputable history of parties, but this particular one was relaxed, perfect for a nice Sunday closeout. Plus it’s decked out with radical paint jobs and stairways; the whole atmosphere made me want to grab my camera out my car real quick. Continue Reading


Mavericks vs Kings


So there I am at work, not taking any tables and pussy-footing around when I get a text from my sister seeing if I’d be working that night. Yes, because I’m poor and my rent still isn’t paid. Her response: Continue Reading